Welcome to Primus Public School

“Education in the 21st century has a new definition of excellence –
it is not a skill but an attitude”

Primus Public School aims at taking on a surprising number of forms. From a bubbly, enthusiastic, inquisitive and eager to learn student population to a vibrant intellectual community of teachers whose commitment flows from a profound faith in the power of education to transform lives. A curriculum that is a broad and multi-textured tapestry of ideas, books, culture, tradition and relationships, explored with an inspired energy and purposeful engagement. Yes, Primus is a school that is a living, breathing fabric woven between the past and future. A confluence of enduring wisdom, emerging knowledge and innovation.

Primus acquires its strong identity from three distinct elements:

  • A vibrant intellectual community of teachers and students who share a profound belief in the power of education;
  • A convenient setting near Koramangala, Bangalore on the Sarjapur Road within city limits,easy access from the city;
  • A management committed to providing the best possible education empowered with fulfilling a vision through reflection, collaboration and decisive action.

The lively interplay of these elements gives Primus its synergy and focus and draws together a remarkable community of educators, children and citizens.


Srirama Prakhya, a Class 10 student of Primus Public School in the city, is the world topper in Chemistry and Physics in the Cambridge International IGCSE examinations held in June 2015. Top in the Country in French and High Achiever in International Mathematics. He has also been declared the Best (First Place) Across Eight Cambridge IGCSEs!

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