Traditions are the unseen life force of any great institution. They bring about a tremendous sense of belonging and foster what is known as ‘unified pride’. From its inception, Primus lays a solid foundation on creating these traditions that will stand the test of time.

Kindergarten Picnic

A meticulously organized fun day for the tiny tots in an environment that is beautiful, secure and fun! Games, snacks, giggles and the pitter patter of small feet.


An occasion of regalia and pageantry. The vesting of authority and responsibility to students who are selected as ‘appointments’. A great occasion and a matter of pride for the students, parents and faculty. A wonderful opportunity for students to develop their leadership qualities and gain the respect and support of faculty and fellow students.

Camping Trips

The wilderness… fun, challenge and a spirit of adventure. An unforgettable experience for both faculty and students where they connect with nature and also with one another. Click here to view photographs.

Arts and Science Fest (Primus PIES)

A melting pot of ideas galvanized into action. The creativity of the young mind demonstrated into meaningful form. The celebration of poetry and quiet undertones of art. The Arts and Science festival at Primus an event of great significance for parents, members of the community and honoured invitees.

Founders’ Day

A cultural extravaganza. A confluence of the head and the heart. Programs ‘staged’ by students and ‘orchestrated’ by a doting faculty. Class, colour and compere. Click here to view photographs of our 1st Founders’ Day.

Sports Day

Faster, higher, stronger. In the true spirit of sportsmanship tempered in the intense heat of inter house competition. Straining sinews and the indomitable spirit….triumphing in the teeth of adversity.