PRIMUS School Building

PRIMUS School Building


A Synthetic Basketball court, Cricket nets, Volleyball and Throwball courts are available. The sports infrastructure supports five a side Football and Hockey fields. Primus has a full-fledged Indoor Sports complex for Badminton, Table Tennis, Gymnastics & Yoga. Find out more..


The school has a well-stocked library but the library will not be reduced to a go down of books as it often does. Many activities are organized at the library to cultivate an avid interest in books among young minds.


The school has well equipped, State Of The Art Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science which are put to good use by students of all grades Pursuit of science is enriching and fulfilling only if it is hands on. The students need space for high energy questioning, discussions and experimentation under strict supervision. The older students need a quiet environment for precision perfect experiments, which require concentration and practice. It is difficult to provide both environments in the same space!

Therefore, the School will have separate science laboratories for students upto grade 8 and for students above grade 8. Thus conflicting requirements of both the juniors and seniors are met. Both the juniors and seniors will have Science and Computer laboratories.