Fresh Lunch


Growing up healthy in today’s world is a tough act. With the advent of packaged, junk and other convenient foods as well as the irresistible attraction of desserts and chocolates, our kids live in pretty confusing times.

As part of an initiative from our end to help parents counter this worry, MonkeyBox has launched the MonkeyBox App (, which will help provide the right nutritious food for all the kids’ everyday while also inculcating the right values in them.

A quick overview of MonkeyBox is given below for your reference:
· MonkeyBox delivers fresh food for Short break, Lunch and Post-school snacks.
· Each combo meal is designed by Child Nutrition Experts and Finest chefs.
· Provides balanced diet to meet the child’s daily nutritional requirements.
· Food is 100% Vegetarian and hygienically prepared at our state of the art kitchen. All Ingredients are farm sourced which are close to zero pesticides and chemical free.
· Parents can choose subscription options for a wholesome & tasty menu on MonkeyBox Mobile app. Total upfront payment for 5, 10 or 22 days options will be collected from Parents personally or can be paid online at your ease.
· MonkeyBox is promoted and mentored by leading technocrats, experts from Sports, Healthcare industry, Child Psychologists and people with decades of rich experience in Food Business.
· MonkeyBox will ensure that the lunch box reaches the kid on time.

The details are available on our website ( as well as on the mobile application on both Android and IOS platform.

We believe this model is healthy for kids and will ease a lot of challenges for parents across the country.


Happy Palate:

Children and adolescents need sufficient nutritious foods to grow and develop normally. From the time of birth till 18 years of age a child’s body weight will increase 20 times. Muscles and bones need to grow bigger and stronger. Everything a body needs to power this growth and change can be found in food.

Healthy Meals help children and young people meet their daily nutritional needs. A growing kid will need healthy and fresh food to get through the day. Regular and nutritious meal help keep the child’s mind alert and boost their energy levels up. Hence, we at Happy Palate strive to provide and nurture to the child’s growth needs. Eating a variety of healthy foods will ensure a balanced diet. Happy Palate specializes in children’s food and we can swear by our quality.

Monthly charges for a hot lunch per child would be Rs. 1210/-. On request we have started providing breakfast as well and the monthly charges for the same would be Rs.880/- per child. This can be renewed on a monthly basis.

For registering/ordering Lunch for children at Primus School, please reach out to –

The Proprietor – Happy Palate - Punita @ 7411138898