Fee Policy

  • Admission Fee: This is a one time fee payable during seeking admission to Primus. Payment of Admission Fee ensures provisional admission and a student is assured of a confirmed seat at Primus subject to completion of formalities as mentioned in the Provisional admission letter. This fee is strictly non refundable.
  • Security Deposit: This is one time payment and the amount is refunded to the student at the time of leaving the school after clearance of all dues.
    •  The deposit is non-interest bearing and is refundable upon the student leaving the school subject to all annual fees being paid, and less any damages to property, etc.
    • Any unpaid dues of the student shall be recovered / adjusted from his / her security deposit.
    • The Security deposit shall be issued as per terms of withdrawal within 30 days of the student’s leaving after adjusting unpaid dues, if any.
  • Annual Fee: The annual fee is payable every year. All students are required to pay the annual fee as is prevalent during the session. In case of Installment Option,  Post Dated Cheques must be submitted.
  • Laboratory Fee: Applicable for students of Grades 7 and above. (Includes Science, Computer, and Math labs).
  • Resource Fee: Students admitted for the Kindergarten program are provided all books, writing and coloring material and other resources required for their in class learning and the resource fee is charged towards meeting these expenses.
  • IGCSE Fee: This fee is payable by students who opt for the Cambridge IGCSE stream (Grade-9 and above). This fee covers costs incurred towards conduct of this program and necessary registrations with the Cambridge University, London.
  • Examination Fee: This is payable by students who appear for External examinations conducted by Cambridge or ICSE Boards. This will be intimated during registration of the students for the Board Examinations. This includes registration charges and also centre charges and invigilation fee.
  • Transportation Fee: This is towards providing School Bus facility and includes pick up and drop of students at designated locations along pre designated routes. This service is not a door to door service and is strictly optional. Parents have the option of making personal arrangement for transport of their wards. This fee is likely to be reviewed during the course of the session to cater to variations in running costs.
  • Books, Stationery and Uniform Fee: This is towards supply of text books, note books and uniform from the school. This is optional and parents have the option of purchasing books and uniform approved by the school from their own sources. However in the case of parents opting to purchase books and uniform on their own, they must intimate the school in advance about their decision.


In the event of late payment of fee:

  • Fine of Rs.100/- per day will be charged on fees paid after the due date.
  • Students, whose fees remain unpaid, in full or in part, will not be allowed to sit for internal or external examinations, and until the outstanding fee is received no internal examination results, reports/progress cards, Transfer Certificates or recommendations to future schools/colleges will be issued to the students or parent.
  • If the fee is not paid even after 3 weekly reminders, the child will not be allowed to attend school and all dues shall be recovered from the security deposit.


For students granted admission and fees paid, no requests for refunds will be entertained. Fee paid are payable annually and cannot be refunded if students leave mid-year, without an appropriate notice period.

  • In case of withdrawal, all fees are due for the semester falling in the notice period.
  • In the case of withdrawal without notice, the outstanding fees shall be adjusted from the security deposit of the student and the balance if any, refunded.
  • Admission fees are Non-Refundable.
  • Transfer certificates and student progress reports are issued once all dues are cleared, school property (including books and equipment) are returned and a
    “No Dues Certificate” is issued.
  • The cheque for refund of Security Deposit will be for a date 6 months from the date of Intimation/Application for TC.

Bank Charges:

  • All Bank Charges pertaining to inward remittance of school fee, if any, shall be debited to student’s account.
  • In the event of cheque / draft return, a sum of Rs.500/- besides the bank charges shall be debited to the student’s account.

Primus Public School reserves the right to amend the Fee Structure and Fee Policy whenever necessary and the decision of the Management is final and binding and cannot be challenged.