The Dream

“Throughout history, men and women have walked down the road armed only with their vision…”

September 1996. Messrs T. P. Vasanth, S. Suryanarayanan and Capt. Unnikrishnan decided to follow their dream. A dream to set up a school in Bangalore that would be among the best in the world.

This was quite an undertaking, both in terms of magnitude as well as an intellectual challenge.

The trio visited some of the best institutions in India and overseas. They evolved the school’s philosophical blue print; one that drew upon the intellectual and cultural richness of India, and the best practices of the West.

As ‘idea men’ and ‘action men’, Messrs Vasanth, Sury and Unni founded the Indus Trust throwing in their combined knowledge, expertise and ferocity of purpose.

Some of the key milestones in planning, organising and implementing the project included:

  • Preparation of a business plan, a project execution plan, infrastructure development, and human resource planning.
  • Successfully getting approvals for a term loan on a green field school project from SBI and thereafter building highest credibility.
  • Purchase of 40 acres of land with permission from the Govt. of Karnataka and obtaining all statutory sanctions.
  • Creating an excellent relationship with the best in the teaching fraternity thus being able to recruit the right teaching talent for the school.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise by training faculty and arming them with the right philosophy, belief structure and up-to-date teaching techniques.

July 14, 2003. The Indus International School was born.  Indus International School caters to an international clientele and is designed to suit that niche.

Armed with this tremendous experiential knowledge, the Primus Trust was formed as a distinct independent entity with Vasanth, Sury & Unni as Managing Trustees. They embarked on a mission to offer the best quality education to the children of the middle segment of society. The hard working and capable professionals who form this segment are the pillars of our globalized society today. Primus Public School was conceived with this segment in mind. The highly professional and competitive environment today, demands for a school that strives constantly for academic excellence and provides multidimensional development.  In this category, Primus Public School will be first among equals.